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Minelab Vanquish 2019
Here is a teaser for the next new product from the Minelab camp.

Equinox Range Released

2 Feb 2018

Minelab have released the Equinox range, including the Equinox 800 and 600.

Stock is expected to be available from DetectNZ by early to mid February. 

Read all about the new series on Minelab's product release and make an enquiry with us today. 

Security Improved For Online Shopping

As more and more people are purchasing online, security becomes a primary concern for those engaged in E-commerce. Clients need assurance that the highly sensitive information they share online (Addresses, contact information, etc.) dose not fall into the wrong hands.

To improve security for our online customers DetectNZ has now installed our own SSL Certificate. The SSL Protocol stands for Secure Socket Layers. It’s a process wherein sensitive data that are transferred between users and servers are encrypted and decrypted to keep them safe from tampering and hijacking.

When using a Chrome browser, the green padlock at the beginning of our web address indicates the SSL certificate. 

Equinox Range Announced

Minelab have announced the Equinox series, though no release date has yet been advised. 

See below a photo of one product in the range. 

Minelab EQUINOX-Product-800-1200px-752

Minelab's Latest Gold Finding Technology Released

The GPZ 7000 is Minelab's latest addition to gold finding metal detectors.

See the GPZ 7000 in action below and order yours from our Gold Detectors section today.

Minelab SDC 2300 Brochure Release

View the SDC 2300 PI detector brochure now. 

Please contact us to find out more and make an order for this great new gold detector. 



DetectNZ is a local source of best quality metal detecting gear suitable for the hobbyist to the more serious detectorist.
Minelab detectors are recognized worldwide as a leading brand. 

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