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Detecting Tips

Detecting On The Beach

Many detectorists like to detect on a beach and with good reason as valuable items are being dropped every day as people enjoy the sand and surf. It is also easy digging and you are unlikely to upset anyone. There are many theories about where is the best place to hunt on a beach but the reality is that a gold ring for example can be dropped anywhere on the sand or in the water. So hunt where you feel comfortable and remember to back fill all your holes even if the tide is coming in.

Here's a tip. If you dig a hole on the slope of the beach always place the dug sand on the high side of the hole. Doing this makes it so easy to back fill as gravity will do most of the work when you push the heap with your shovel or the side of your foot.

Another tip if you find a lead fishing sinker. Circle around that spot swinging your coil at half your  normal swing speed out to say a 4m diameter. The reason being that other heavy items like gold jewelry could be lurking.
Happy Hunting

Tips On Choosing A Minelab Metal Detector

As a dedicated supplier of Minelab metal detectors to many happy hunters throughout New Zealand I have noticed that one of the very common challenges often seems to be which machine to choose from the fabulous range available.

Terminology used to describe detectors can also be a little confusing to the newbie as is often the case with any modern electronic device.  To help to overcome any concerns all Minelab detectors are pretty much plug n play devices so you can take yours out of the box, install batteries and start detecting. Advanced features can be learnt as your experience grows or you can just continue to use the standard programs as you choose.

Budget is usually the main consideration when choosing a new machine. If your budget is $500 then you will find a machine in the Minelab Go Find range that will give you great features and lots of detecting fun. If you have two or three thousand to spend there are several other options that will give you superior technical features that will take your detecting to a new level. Be assured that all Minelab detectors will give you great fun and results with your hunting based on the features in the detector you purchase.  

Here are a selection of Minelab detectors we stock arranged in price bands to guide you to machines that suit your budget. Remember you will likely find coins and other items of value that will perhaps reimburse you over time.

Under $330.00
Go Find 44

$500 to $800
Vanquish 440 , 540 and 540 Pro

Under $1400.00
Gold Monster  GM1000
Equinox 800

$2500 to $4000
CTX 3030
SDC 2300

Around $10,000.00 depending on the current Exchange Rate.
GPZ 7000

Waterproof machines
Equinox 800, CTX 3030 and the SDC 2300 are waterproof to 3m. All the other machines have waterproof coils only.

All machines listed above are featured on this website.

First Time Firing Up Your Minelab Detector

Find a strip of lawn where there are no signals.

Place several different types of metal in a row on the grass about a metre apart. Perhaps a $2 coin, a 10c coin, a fishing sinker, a gold ring and a silver ring or coin. Now turn your detector on and walk up and down the row swinging the coil over the items to get a feel for the different sounds and numbers that your detector will record. Perhaps make a few notes of what numbers each different type of metal registered as on the screen and the range of audio tones too. Don’t worry that you won’t remember them all but just be aware of what a good target might sound like. Now you are ready to go to the beach or a field and try detecting for real.

It is important that you don’t swing the detector too fast and / or swing the coil up and down like a banana. Just tuck your elbow in to your side and swing the coil nice and flat as if you were cutting grass. Resist the temptation to straighten your arm for a wider swing as your arm may (will) get sore.  

It is a good idea not to get too technical as you learn to detect. Looking for targets that match exactly the numbers and sounds the gold ring gave off in the test you did above is not best practice as you will probably miss many other good targets. Those numbers are just a guide and an introduction of what to expect. I believe that any target that gives a repeating tone when the coil is passed over it and then passed again at 90 degrees is worth digging. Yes it could be a just bottle top but after a while you will probably notice that bottle tops usually make a particular sound and you might decide not to dig that sound. Equally you will notice that $2 coins also have a sound of their own and perhaps numbers too.  So be sure to dig those. 

Detecting is like any other hobby activity. The more you do it the more success you will have. Good luck.


DetectNZ is a local source of best quality metal detecting gear suitable for the hobbyist to the more serious detectorist.
Minelab detectors are recognized worldwide as a leading brand. 

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