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We can help you find more Treasure with our range of top quality Minelab detectors and equipment.
DetectNZ is your  local source of metal detecting gear. Our range will suit the hobbyist and also the more serious detectorist.

Authorized Minelab Dealer.
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Wenderholm Reserve Nov 2012  234 px
Easy to use detectors that will provide detecting fun for the whole family.

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Gold rings  234 x 156
These are more sophisticated detectors often used by intermediate and experienced operators who enjoy making use of the advanced features to bring home the goodies. Includes waterproof models.
West Coast Gold  home page
If Gold is your passion then this detector range is for you.

Includes the latest Gold detectors form Minelab. The SDC 2300 and the GPZ 7000.
RPG Headphones 234 x 156
Here you will find many useful accessories to enhance your detecting experience.

I sell and use just one brand - Minelab - the leading brand.
More value - more fun.
The performance of my E Trac is hard to beat.

Please contact me without hesitation  by phone or email if you need
more than online assistance with any of our products.
See the Contact Us tab at the top of this page.



DetectNZ is a local source of quality metal detecting gear suitable for the hobbyist to the more serious detectorist.
Minelab detectors are recognized worldwide as a leading brand. 

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